ideal world an alternate universe marvel + dc roleplay
synopsis The world is once again in an age of heroes. After the events of New York, the world has been in chaos, with threats to the world's safety coming more often than they ever have. SHIELD could no longer conceal the presence of metahumans, and when they fell, taken down from the inside by Hydra, they left humanity vulnerable to threats it never could have imagined, until the forces of evil managed to rupture the divide between universes. With the fate of the world balancing upon the shoulders of these rising heroes, just where will your place be in this new ideal world?

ideal world is an alternate universe Marvel + DC roleplay hosted on Jcink Premium since December 2016. Set following the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Justice League, and X-Men: Apocalypse, we are based primarily within the cinematic universes but with more than enough flexibility to allow for inspiration to be drawn from other sources, such as comics, video games, television series, animated shows, and more. We pride ourselves on our relaxed environment and easy-going nature to create a safe and welcoming community for all of our members.
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a given name with proper case,
ie Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne
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 06. Faceclaim, or who looks like whom
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The Universe
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posted on Dec 1 2016, 09:08 AM
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This is a list of all of the currently claimed faces here on Ideal World. Reserves last two weeks from the date posted, but if you wish, you may refresh the reserve for another two weeks. However, as it is not the staff's job to babysit the claims, they will not be updating this for you, so be sure to keep up with them yourself.

Faceclaims from the most recent live action portrayals of a canon character since 2010 are considered reserved for that character unless said character has a different face claim. All faceclaims must be of celebrities (models, actors, musicians, etc), currently living, at least eighteen years of age, not porn stars or politicians, and not on the restricted list. As an additional note regarding models and internet celebrities (youtubers, bloggers, etc), we reserve the right to ask you to change face claims if we feel the individual simply isn't known well enough to be considered a public figure.

Claims that are crossed out are ones from approved characters that are currently listed as inactive. While we would prefer if you could select an alternative, we can clear these for someone upon request.

Keymale claim | female claim | nonbinary claim

Keyhero character | villain character | neutral character | civilian character

Keyclaimed character | inactive character

a b c d e

Alan TudykA. R. Cadenski
Ana de ArmasVicki Vale
Arsalan GhasemiDamian Wayne
Avan JogiaZan
Brendon UrieJonathan Crane
Charlie CoxMatthew Murdock
China McClainRose Constantine
Chris EvansSteve Rogers
Chris HemsworthThor Odinson
Chris PineSteve Trevor
Chris PrattPeter Quill
Chris WoodMon-El
Christian BaleBruce Wayne
Colin FordKent Nelson
Crystal ReedKatherine Bishop
Dan AmboyerHarold "Hal" Jordan
Dane DehaanHarry Osborn
Daniel BruhlHelmut Zemo
Daniel CraigCharles Barton
Demi LovatoRachel Roth
Dina MeyerBarbara Gordon
Dove CameronTessa Holmes
Elizabeth OlsenWanda Maximoff
Emily RuddKatherine Pryde
Erica CerraOphelia Sarkissian
Ezra MillerBarry Allen

f g h i

Frank GrilloBrock Rumlow
Gal GadotDiana Prince
Ginny GardnerKara Danvers
Henry CavillClark Kent
Hugh JackmanLogan Howlett
Im Jin-AhArtemis Crock
Imogen PootsGwen Stacy
Isaac WrightLoki Laufeyson

j k l m

James McavoyCharles Xavier
Jamie ChungClarice Ferguson
Jeremy JordanWinn Schott
Jeremy RennerClint Barton
Jon BernthalFrank Castle
Karen GillanBlair O Conaill
Katherine McNamaraAmori Vogel
Kevin ZegersDelano Krueger
Liev SchreiberVictor Creed
Luke GrimesJack Rollins
Madison PettisVivian Vision
Margot RobbieHarley Quinn
Matt RyanJohn Constantine
Matthew DaddarioJason Todd
Michael FassbenderErik Lehnsherr
Michael RookerYondu Udonta
Michael ShannonDru-Zod
Miles HeizerMattie Kalenberg
Monika JagaciakZatanna Zatara

n o p q

Neil JacksonNorman Osborn
Nick JonasBilly Batson
Paul BettanyVision

r s t u

Robert Downey JrTony Stark
Scarlett JohanssonNatasha Romanoff
Sebastian StanBucky Barnes
Shay MitchellSelina Kyle
Sierra McCormickStephanie Brown
Sophia BushMary Pierce
Sophie TurnerJean Grey
Taron EgertonBrian Falsworth
Taylor KitschRemy LeBeau
Tye SheridanScott Summers
Uriah SheltonAlex Summers

v w x y z

Victoria JusticeFelicia Hardy
Zac EfronRichard Grayson


Michael ShanksZodoff (until 07/06)
Seán McLoughlin Jennifer (until 07/07)
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year old
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played by
The Universe
The Universe
— guest
posted on Dec 1 2016, 09:08 AM
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Remember to post your claims in code tags or it will be deleted and ignored.

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<b id="gender">Firstname Lastname</b> ⇀ @[Alias] (until MM/DD)<br>
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Ideal World was established in December 2016 as a site idea by Kira from the assorted Marvel, X-Men, and DC Cinematic Universes and with heavy inspiration from other sources, namely the original comics by Marvel and DC.

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