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synopsis The world is once again in an age of heroes. After the events of New York, the world has been in chaos, with threats to the world's safety coming more often than they ever have. SHIELD could no longer conceal the presence of metahumans, and when they fell, taken down from the inside by Hydra, they left humanity vulnerable to threats it never could have imagined, until the forces of evil managed to rupture the divide between universes. With the fate of the world balancing upon the shoulders of these rising heroes, just where will your place be in this new ideal world?

ideal world is an alternate universe Marvel + DC roleplay hosted on Jcink Premium since December 2016. Set following the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Justice League, and X-Men: Apocalypse, we are based primarily within the cinematic universes but with more than enough flexibility to allow for inspiration to be drawn from other sources, such as comics, video games, television series, animated shows, and more. We pride ourselves on our relaxed environment and easy-going nature to create a safe and welcoming community for all of our members.
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 Doe, Jack, 25, Original Characer
years old
year old
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played by Bob
Jack Doe
Jack Doe
— guest
posted on May 16 2018, 10:06 AM
( )
Jack Doe Hero/Civilian
Jack Nathaniel Doefull name
25 Septemberdate of birth
25 years oldage
Heterosexualsexual orientation
Nathaniel (for now)codename
Civilian (for now)affiliation

Skills and Abilities

Cooking and Baking

Due to his experience working at cooking for his family, Jack Doe is highly skilled at making comfort food that the ordinary masses consume on a daily basis. Overall, his dishes tend to add innovated twists to the more traditional dishes. It is often said by his family, that Jack often makes savoury dishes that feature risotto in some manner.

Jack had minimal training in European cooking style while working to help his family with the housing bills. As a result, he had only a few techniques under his belt before becoming a chef such as using Poêlé, an advanced french cooking technique to remove the bad smell from cooking fish. During this time, he was personally trained by Amelie von Hindenburg in European cooking, becoming more adept and has used the techniques he has learned immediately into practice.

It was also this time that Jack learnt about the art of Live Cooking. Live cooking is the preparation of a dish in front of a client rather than serving the finished product alone. Also known as "Showman Cooking." Because of this, Jack demonstrates an excellent sense of showmanship and knows how to draw in a crowd. He used this in the Breakfast Dish challenge during his time at University in a festival to overcome the unfortunate handicap given to him by his Mini Soufflé Omelette. Jack can also adapt to others' cooking style and infuses it in his own style.


Jack Doe is a rather gifted polyglot; he is currently fluent in many languages including English, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, German, French, and Spanish. With the help of his aunt, who was also multilinguistic and used her gift in helping the police force translate from foreign terrorists she taught jack the fundamentals of speaking in multiple languages.

Language itself is the ability to acquire and use complex systems of communication and a language is any specific example of such a system. The scientific study of language is called linguistics. Depending on the person it can be rather easy or difficult to learn such vocal forms of social activity's and so far Jack currently knows Eight out of the thousands form of cultural and speaking languages on Earth.


General Characteristic

Jack Doe is a man in his own right. If he had a portfolio among heroes it would include the spheres such as Truth, Courage, Compassion, Being Such a Bro, Empathy, and Lovable. He's strives to be to live like a role-model that is inspired by heroes and dreams to be one, a man who tries his best to be the embodiment of the best virtues of an civilization, a loving peaceful companion, and a truly greater-than-life man. Moreover, Jack can become a brave and righteous hero in his own way, best known for his indomitable sense of duty and responsibility, as well as his unique way of talking to villains and help them find a way out of crime. His most remarkable and unique trait, however, might be his unconditional love for every living thing in the universe.

His core mission, the very essence of his character, is to uphold certain values. Unlike most heroes and vigilantes, he is not driven by vengeance or some tragic event in his past. He is not about fighting crime or repeatedly beating up a gallery of villains, but to serve as a living example of the best of his species - and to change, inspire and save lives wherever possible. Thus, knowing what his more important values are is the key to understanding Jack Doe.

Once upon a time... [Biography]

There was a beginning...

Jack Doe originally lived with her father Douglas and mother Maria in the United Kingdom until he transferred to another school in United States — where he is now currently going to. With his mother being a respected chef in her own right and his father a military man, it has caused multiple problems for Jack during his childhood as he was unable to make friends because they were all afraid of Jack being aggressive as his father.

Which remarkably was not the case, and instead the complete opposite. You will never find a more kind, gentle, loving and caring individual then Jack Doe.

For a time, he was looked after and raised under the constant watch by his Aunt, Cherie, who taught him all about the art of language and culture, whilst his mother watched his progress in cooking, music, and mannerism. The students from his childhood were later amazed and yet frightened by this remarkable manners and worried if anyone were to make him angry, he would become like his military father. However, when he was young, he met and befriended a several people who were all later to become his teachers throughout his life. Even now, to the current day, he is still friends with them. At that time it was Cherie who had by now trained the young Jack at how to stop a fight and win through words, not fists. Jack's Aunt had hoped that her nephew would grow up to protect those in need one day and become a hero.

Then he grew up...

At some point during his childhood, Jack had become close friends with Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel through a summer vacation in Colorado. Jack and Michael had the more stronger relationship between the whole group and both shared a love for music and nature Jack's song was about peace and love and falling in love on the planet earth, which he managed to get the group to sing along in harmony. Jack decided to give each of his friends a remembrance ring as a sign of friendship and when they can reunite and see each other.

As Jack and his friend's summer vacation comes to a close, Uriel suggested that he and the rest of them make a promise to meet each other again in the future like all the promise made between friends during their time at a summer vacation. Many years past, and to this day Jack still wears the remembrance ring that he had as a child, awaiting for that day that he can be reunited with those he forged strong friendships during the holiday.

Throughout this time Jack slowly grew up and became mature, and wanted to help people. Jack had even been called a 'hero' several times by the locals who knew Jack well when he was a child, and knew him to be a kind-hearted and helpful soul. Jack wondered that day as to how one can truly become a hero. After all, the news constantly rang over the names of brave and noble hero's who sacrificed their lives to keep the ordinary man and woman save...

Jack began to wonder... For just one moment... Could he become a Hero?

Life changed...

At the dawn of December 2014, Jack was finally saw the very people he met long ago and rekindled the friendship that was forged that day, it was a momentous occasion and he noticed how they themselves have grown up through time. It was remarkable as it only felt like yesterday that they were all hanging out at the summer vacation, writing songs, enjoying the peace and tranquillity…

However, such a moment could only last for so long, for when the world transformed from the power of the mother boxes only Jack was left untouched by the changes... At the cost of all his closest friends disappearing. Jack never knew how it happened or what caused his most cherished friends to disappear, but ever since that day it had caused great amount of stress, grief and pain in the young man's heart. Not a single day went by that Jack wondered what had happened to them, were they save, and what he could've done to bring them back.

Here we are at the Present

Ever since that day life has become... Unusual for Jack. Truth be told, he was concerned over the news of Hero's battling against other heroes, and how innocent people were getting in harms way. He believed it was as though the whole world was turned upside down and was now determined more than ever to give a helping hand.

To this day, Jack always hated to use violence and still prefers talking before using the absolute last straw. However, Jack Doe trembles at the very idea of those he cared about getting hurt, and his family having to try and stop an ever increasing crime rates throughout the United States and a day may come where Jack has to stand up and show that he too can become a hero

But he has no powers... Can he really save the day? Will Jack develop powers for himself and fight crime? Will he be able to save his childhood friends who vanished out of no where? Let's find out!

It's time to become a Hero!

I am... [Personality]


Keep note that Jack Doe is not a pacifist. What he believes in is working very hard and very smart and will do anything to keep friends and family safe and will try to stop conflict that is not strictly necessary, and developing the mutual understanding and respect that make conflicts less likely to begin with. This is what most efficiently spares lives.

Jack Doe will always offer an open hand and an open mind to his opponents (if he has any), for as long as is reasonable - and a bit beyond that point. He will always attempt to defuse and parlay, always offer honourable and respectful surrender (perhaps after a good round of jokes to make surrender possible without loss of face), and keeps talking with any opponent who can understand him. He ends as many fights by talking than he does by punching; even more importantly this strategy is often what allows him to win long-term. An opponent pounded into the ground will come back looking for revenge. An opponent who realized that they are being misled by a cruel master is a far greater victory, and quite possibly a future ally.

For Jack Doe, the perfect victory is one where he doesn't hit anybody (or just a wee bit) and a former menace reforms. All the while showing a big, warm smile on his face.

As befits his ethos of greater-than-life courage, Jack Doe will not flinch in his attempts at preventing fights, no matter what the cost in personal pain and suffering. When a fight does break out, a wholly different set of rules apply. But this only happens if there truly is no other choice. If the opposition is sapient, a fight will come after a formal and unambiguous declaration of war, even if it's just between Jack Doe and one other individual. Once this point has been reached, Jack Doe never starts a fight, he finishes it.


Jack Doe might be one of the fewest people on the planet who is -exactly- who he seems to be. One key fact is this: He never lies. He doesn't equivocate, he doesn't obscure, he doesn't deceive, he doesn't misdirect, and he faces who he really is every second of his life, in part due to the good upbringing of his home life that constantly reminds him at the back of his mind. The armor of small lies and self-deceptions that makes life tolerable doesn't exist for him. This is the source of some of his strength - he knows exactly who he is with no room for the smallest bit of denial, and he never shirks problems and confrontations with a little white lie.

Thus, every single thing Jack Doe does is genuine and sincere. Every word, every silence, every gesture, every pursuit is exactly who he is, laid bare.

Jack Doe's word is his bond. With his surprisingly immense charisma and well-known policy of truth, it is obvious to all observers that when Jack Doe swears something, he fully means it and would actually die before breaking his oath. There aren't many people who would actually go to such levels anymore.

There are some minor exceptions to this policy of truth. One is ruses de guerre - stratagems of combat luring the enemy into an ambush, or lulling them into a false sense of complacency, having them fall prey to a diversion, etc. While those involve deception, these are not considered lies in his eyes. This distinction also applies to strategic decisions, such as those few possible circumstances where Jack may adopt a secret identity or otherwise disguised his true nature.

Jack Doe can tell lies, but only under the most extraordinary circumstances and in order to save lives other than his own - the strength of his truth is a choice on his part, not by force or the tragic though it was fortunate that his good upbringing has made him see the world for what it can become. He will never deliberately lie in less momentous circumstances, and certainly not to spare himself.


Being Brave means courage on the battlefield, and being essentially impossible to intimidate. But it goes further than that, extending to every aspect of his life. Jack Doe is committed. Once he set his mind to something, the amount of pain and discomfort, the possible risk of death and maiming, the quantity of work and drudgery, the shame and the sense of vulnerability, all of this means nothing to him.

This is not solely about charging straight into very large and scary monsters or battling gods - Jack Doe seldom hesitates; he doesn't procrastinate, he doesn't compromise, and he works extremely hard. If his commitment to his values means that he’s going to be very badly hurt, then he will pay the price without wavering.

Jack Doe unhesitatingly makes strategic decisions that are probably going to doom him, but may very well be needed to save lives and achieve critical objectives. He keeps surviving out of sheer toughness, power, and resolve, but that's not his point. He may keep making those near-suicidal decisions because they are what he feels is necessary to succeed in his mission.

Jack Doe's invincible courage allows him to keep his spirits high, his demeanour positive and loving, and his mind open despite the innumerable horrors that have befallen him and his loved ones. Whether it will be through torture, carnage, mass destruction, betrayal, the loss of some of his loved ones, the death of innocents, and all sorts of misery -- he will keep faith, his head high, and still be able to sincerely believe in peace.


Believe it or not, Jack Doe has always strived to live out his day to day life with love. As with every Jack does, his love is sincere. While he is quite intelligent, experienced and knowledgeable for a young man, he actually doesn't have a cynical bone in her body. To his eyes, the world is beautiful despite its horrors, and all life is sacred. Even the worst psychopath is somebody's child or parent; even the despicable and generic bad guy was once an abused little boy or girl. Even in the case of the total and absolute undead monstrosity that is Genocide, Jack could not or ever commit murder.

A part of this love is sharing everything with those around you - If Jack Doe feels happy or has something good (such as cake - cake is good. He can bake a mean cake), his first impulse is to share the goods with those around him. When the mood is fine he can come across as Mister Chirpy Congeniality, so he can share his high spirits and make others happy. If somebody looks sad, his general reflex is to give them a big hug and console them so the blues goes away. Jack Doe has reluctantly accepted that society today frowns on hugging and caring for people you barely know (ya'll are angsty mofo's), and now only does it on purpose.

Still, he considers that such inhibitions are not healthy, and often touches or caresses people who are comfortable with it - in a sisterly, or perhaps brotherly, fashion. While Jack Doe never indulges in his emotions - he usually is on a timetable anyway - and has nerves of steel, he doesn't see the point of hiding how he feels either. One exception is weakness - being raised well by his parents during his upbringing, he will never display any sign of vulnerability. He will freely let his tears run out of compassion for the death of an innocent, but not because of his own losses.

Surprisingly for being such a humble young man, Jack Doe is very emphatic and genuinely, sincerely cares about people around him even if he doesn't know them at all. It doesn't matter whether it's an alien race facing extinction, a little boy or girl who lost her pet, a teenager raised to be a monstrous killer beast, or a stressed-out Hollywood executive who feels he or she's not spending enough time with his or her children. Jack Doe cares and will respectfully and tactfully offer to help, or just help right away if he feels it will be better in the long run - and he's amazingly almost never wrong.

Compassion and kindness are both key aspects of Jack Doe's behaviour, and the most commonly misunderstood ones. His level of empathy and care is not something commonly encountered, or understood, by most - and may in fact be associated with weakness, stupidity and vulnerability in some cultures.

ooc name Bob (ooc)

age 25

timezone + 1 gmt (UK)

other characters


original earth prime earth


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<a href="index.php?showtopic=2770" target="_blank" id="Hero">Jack Doe</a> ⇀ Nathaniel | Hero | Twenty-Five<br>

additional notes

Open to relationship (ladies you are free to go get him or start a harem with this eloquent bachelor~ Whatever moves your boat!)
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played by Kira
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posted on Yesterday at 10:32 pm
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