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synopsis The world is once again in an age of heroes. After the events of New York, the world has been in chaos, with threats to the world's safety coming more often than they ever have. SHIELD could no longer conceal the presence of metahumans, and when they fell, taken down from the inside by Hydra, they left humanity vulnerable to threats it never could have imagined, until the forces of evil managed to rupture the divide between universes. With the fate of the world balancing upon the shoulders of these rising heroes, just where will your place be in this new ideal world?

ideal world is an alternate universe Marvel + DC roleplay hosted on Jcink Premium since December 2016. Set following the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Justice League, and X-Men: Apocalypse, we are based primarily within the cinematic universes but with more than enough flexibility to allow for inspiration to be drawn from other sources, such as comics, video games, television series, animated shows, and more. We pride ourselves on our relaxed environment and easy-going nature to create a safe and welcoming community for all of our members.
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 VOGEL, amori clarimond, 22 | n/a | ely
years old
year old
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played by ELY
Amori Vogel
Amori Vogel
— guest
posted on May 31 2018, 01:05 PM
( )
amori vogel civilians
amori clarimond vogelfull name
31 october 1992date of birth
22 years oldage
demisexualsexual orientation

Bachelors Degree

Amori is a very intelligent individual. At seventeen she was offered a ride to college having the proper GPA of 4.0 and no more classes to be offered. She graduated a year earlier than her schoolmate and quickly headed off to college where she took a major in arts and a minor in criminal justice. She focused primarily obtaining her journalism degree due to the rise of superheros in her hometown. With the help of the criminal justice she was also able to get more in depth to her stories in which she found herself rather loving. At her college graduation she was left with a 3.9 GPA and few years of intern ships for some local newspapers.

Journalism Experience

During her Junior and Senior year of college Amori took an intern ship for a large newspaper as an assistant to one of the main journalist. Although most of her first year consisted of grabbing coffee and lunches she did pick up some useful tips and tid bits from the journalist in the office. Her second year she wrote up some articles to show her worth and turned them into not only her mentor but the head of the paper hoping to get a spot of her own. Due to her father having a bit of money she was offered a small section in the advice columns for a year to see how she would do. After graduating Amori was offered a job for a few companies but has decided to remain freelance. She will send stories in to both Gotham Chronicle, The Daily Planet, and The Daily Bugle depending who is offering more money for the stories.

Black Belt in jiu jitsu

From a young age Amori's father wanted to make sure she was well trained to protect herself. Amori loved this fighting style because it wasn't about harming others for the fun of it, it was to protect yourself from those who meant you harm. It didn't matter the size of them as long as you knew what you were doing. Amori got her black belt in Jiu Jitsu at the age of twenty-one. She dedicated her whole life to learning to protect herself in this new superhero and supervillain world she was about to throw herself into. Amori plays the damsel more often than not and for some of the more well equipped villains she might not be a threat but to those who least expect she at least she has a fighting chance right?

The First Memories.

Amori was born in Germany to a mother of German decent who fell in love with an American Officer. The Officer who married the woman merely to support the child had no intentions of being a father to the girl or a husband to the woman. He had no feelings for either of them and once the two were relocated to America he soon deployed requesting that the wife be left in their home that they owned. To respect her husbands wishes she did just that and took the time to dedicate her life to raising their daughter. She was a small slender female who seemed to be behind in almost everything. Her mother only spoke fluent German and her father was never around to teach her. Once she was the age of five she was forced to school where she was placed into a special class to be taught English. It was much harder for her to learn but she did her best and taught her mother the language was well to make their lives easier. It took Amori to the age of eight to start speaking actual English sentences. By the time she was ten she was able to carry on a pretty clear conversation.

Amori never met her father. She assumed he left her and her mother once he found a new family but she had never been confirmed or denied that answer at that age. Growing up a lot of people picked on the short red head telling her that her family was full of traitors due to her German heritage. She did everything she could do to ignore it including her daily class of jiu jitsu. She found other ways to channel her anger so she could focus on building her life in America with her mother. Some days she was thankful that her father had left them because she had the best life her mother could have ever gave her. She got presents from him occasionally but as she got into her teenage years the gifts eventually stopped coming and she was forced to accept that he was no longer going to make an effort and so Amori pushed him from her memories and her life.

The Teenage Angst

Growining up with just your mother isn't all bad. At least not until you want to do things and you have no one around. Amori never had a good relationship with either of her parents once she hit her teenage years. Her mother was constantly working and her father was still missing. She never really had anyone she could talk to. Amori found herself in a bad crowd. She wasn't a juvenile angel. The kids would do things like spray paint and break things that were not theirs but she never harmed another soul. She found herself dating a bad boy who had nothing going for him in his future and the two stayed together for a few years. She was sixteen and he was eighteen when the two finally decided to split. Amori was once again left alone and heartbroken in the world. That just showed her how much she really needed her mom. Amori ran to her mother the moment her heart was broke and the two found a way to repair what was broke. She decided then to settle down and begin her future. Amori soon fell out of the bad crowd and began to stay home with her nose in a book. She discovered her love of writing and soon had a plan to go to college to get her degree.

Welcome to Adulthood

When Amori turned seventeen she had actually began to apply herself and show what she was made of. Despite her bad girl phase she had never let her grades drop. At seventeen she had managed to graduate a year early and headed off to college. She wanted to have more than what she did. She needed to take care of her mother like she had taken care of her all these years. Amori found out from experience that life was harder than one would have thought. She got a job and worked her way through college. It was all about being a grown up and Amori let nothing stop her. She worked her butt off everyday to make sure she had the money to eat. Before she knew it the four years were up. The twenty-one year old who had spent her college experience inside her apartment or in her internships work place was now free to go out and friend a job to explore the world. The only problem with that was that Amori never realized how hard it would be to get into the industry when you were not from the big towns. She had no big name to sign or back her up. It was her against the world and so she decided to do some free lancing so that she could basically do anything and write anything she wanted. Man how she longed to be the one who wrote the stories on superman or even batman. She hated that she was stuck on the "advice" column so Amori left her job and decided to be one of the freelance journalist who write stories for whoever pays her best.

Living The Dream

Amori has never been happier. She has a blog, a special site for the papers to look over her work and pick what they want and what they dont. She takes the occasional photograph to show her worth and she holds nothing back. Now that Amori has the chance to pick what she wants to do she doesn't feel as trapped as she once did. Amori is a hard working journalist and has actually put herself in the path of danger to get the stories that she wants. She is not scared of anything and she tends to try to get herself in more trouble to get the good leads. It wouldn't be surprised if her time on earth is limited at this point.

ooc name Ely

age 23

timezone -5 gmt

other characters

original earth prime earth


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long claim

<a href="index.php?showtopic=2819" target="_blank" id="civilian">Amori Vogel</a> ⇀ n/a | unaffiliated | twenty-two<br>

additional notes

Due to this being an Original Character with no superhuman abilities and no mutant genetics I thought I would have a little bit of fun with it and make her a free lance journalist who kind of goes back and forth between jobs for money. I hope this is okay if not please let me know and I will change it as requested. Thank you for your precious time!
years old
year old
22 🜚 790
played by Kira
— guest
posted on Jun 10 2018, 03:23 PM
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