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synopsis The world is once again in an age of heroes. After the events of New York, the world has been in chaos, with threats to the world's safety coming more often than they ever have. SHIELD could no longer conceal the presence of metahumans, and when they fell, taken down from the inside by Hydra, they left humanity vulnerable to threats it never could have imagined, until the forces of evil managed to rupture the divide between universes. With the fate of the world balancing upon the shoulders of these rising heroes, just where will your place be in this new ideal world?

ideal world is an alternate universe Marvel + DC roleplay hosted on Jcink Premium since December 2016. Set following the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Justice League, and X-Men: Apocalypse, we are based primarily within the cinematic universes but with more than enough flexibility to allow for inspiration to be drawn from other sources, such as comics, video games, television series, animated shows, and more. We pride ourselves on our relaxed environment and easy-going nature to create a safe and welcoming community for all of our members.
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 TODD, jason peter, 22 | red hood | fox
years old
year old
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played by fox
Jason Todd
Jason Todd
— guest
posted on Jan 2 2018, 02:08 AM
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Jason Todd neutral
Jason Peter Toddfull name
16 augustdate of birth
Pansexual sexual orientation
red hoodcodename
batman inc., league of assassins, Batfamilyaffiliation

street smarts

Gotham was not a kind soul to Jason Todd, but growing up on her ruthless streets did giv him an assortment of unique skills There are few people you will find that knows the city the way he does Not just the high arching buildings, the intimidating Gargoyles and sprawling warehouses along its port. He knows every in and out of the back alleys and quickest sewers. Where the street kids gather for warmth which gangs run in which circles, lo defenses, which street corners will give you the best intel. Things that can only come from living low, from crawling in alleys and sleeping in cardboard. It might not sound like a skill but to anyone who runs in a large city, it gives him the upper hand. Understanding the filthy heart beat that rolls through the veins of any large city. Of course, this deep and intimate knowledge of how to exist in a cities underbelly means that Jay really isn’t the best person to take with you to a big gala, or to rub shoulders with the rich. What he gains in rough and tumble street smarts, he did not gain in understanding how to rub shoulders and spend frivolously.

escape artistry

Learned while on the streets and perfected by the tutelage of the Bat, Jason has an expert knowledge of breaking in and breaking out of tight spots. Picking locks is second nature, fast and easy. He’s only continued to expand this knowledge, learned from the best around the globe in the art of escapism. Slipping out of restraints, dicey situations, and disappearing into thin air in a puff of crimson smoke. Good luck keeping him tied up and in one place if he doesn’t want to be.

hand to hand combat

Piss and vinegar and a mean right hook can take a kid far. Maybe that was part of what Bruce saw when he took Jason in. Regardless, he’s only continued to expand these skills, both under the tutelage of the Bat, and under instruction from other masters around the globe. He’s an expert at various forms of hand to hand combat, but prefers to utilize methods now that rely on his bulk and strength instead of aerial defense and speed. Although he does still use methods of fighting that were common in his Robin days (when he was much shorter, and much slimmer), he mostly utilizes Krav Maga and other weight focused martial arts. Although, he’s not above mixing his metaphors and adding a little bit of old fashioned brawl to the mix.


Thanks solely to Bruce and Alfred’s tutelage, Jason has very observational skills He was trained by the world’s greatest detective after all. He’s able to dissect scenarios, pry them apart ot their basic parts, and walk backwards to find a solution. He’s also been extensively trained on array of technological and cyber sleuthing techniques, and can be quiet proficient in hacking and programming, He’s also got an affinity for languages and speaks a number, although some much better than others. Russian, Spanish, a very small amount of Cantonese , Mandarin, and Japanese.

All of that intellect tends to go to the wayside when Jason’s emotions get the better of him. Quick to anger, and ruthless, he often shelves his better judgment for the immediate satisfaction of retribution and violence. Sometimes it ends in his favor, sometimes it doesn’t.

marksmanship & use of lethal force

Definitely not a skill taught by anyone in the Bat Clan. While under Bruce’s guidance the only thing Jason was taught was how to disarm an opponent, how dangerous guns were. Dangerous indeed. Since he’s been out of the shadow of the bat, Jason has learned a lot on the subject. He has a great affinity for firearms, and is an expert marksman, even dipping his hand into the world of sniping. He uses these skills for close range combat with twin pistols, as well as long distance shooting, and other nefarious purposes.

a weakness of the heart

Being reanimated, brought back from the dead, does not come without its issues. Jason’s dip in the Lazarus Pit has given him a few unexpected side effects. A case of pit madness being top on the list, simmering anger and a case of paranoia seem to reign supreme. The belief that Bruce replaced him, forgot about him, left him are prime motivators in his life. Igniters of anger that at times can’t be contained, and sometimes the supreme ruler of his motivations, his paranoia sits heavy around him and influences much of what he does. He has a horrible case of PTSD that he can’t seem to shake, and doesn’t really want to share that has the potential to flare up and impact various elements of his professional and personal life. On the plus side, it’s given him a pretty rad silver streak through his hair.

maybe its kind, to be cruel

Gotham is never kind to anyone, from the wealthiest prince to the lowest street urchin, she did not differentiate her tragedy, and yours was no different. Born to a mother who was more concerned of where to get the next greatest hit, and a father who tried to trade you to pay off a debt, you were never meant for great things. Your father reminded you of that when you were five, the first time he left a bruise on your face and brandished a gun. Every single day he let you take another breath was a blessing, so you had better count em.

You’re born into a world of pain, of pickpocketing and running. Of nights without heat, of late night raids from police and thugs alike, the taste of blood in your mouth and bruises on fat little cheeks. Gotham forges you in her fires, and you know, deep down, that you’re lucky if you raise from the ashes of it all.

At eight, when things already feel like they can’t get worse, your world falls apart. There’s been an empty space in the indent of where your father used to be, and while it feels like a reprieve, there’s another suffocating weight that takes his place. You’d almost take the yelling, the hitting and the threats over the murmurs of your mother. Of the scent of a burning spoon, and dry heaves that keep you up at night. You’d rather have his tyrannical rage than the deafening silence of death in your doorway. But you can’t have what you want, and Gotham just takes and she takes and she takes.

It’s the middle of winter when you find yourself sleeping in an alleyway for the definitive future. A small cardboard box crunched under your back, and a cup of change to try and fill your stomach. It’s a woman in a nice dress who convinces you to follow her to a church shelter, it’s a man in a suit and tie that splits your lip and takes your cup. It’s a hard lesson to learn, and one that will take a few more strong betrayals before it settles in. Trust no one, all they’ll do is take and take and take. You manage to eat expired food that gets tossed out of a diner on Finch. It makes you sick for the next four days, but you wonder if it was worth the full feeling you had for a night in the cold.

Streetwise for eight years, you learn not to look a gift horse in the mouth when you see it. Crime Alley is neck deep in kids fighting for a claim, some small piece of concrete to call their own. You are no different, and you’re seeking out a way to prove yourself. The more noses you break, scars you leave, the more they respect you. The less Gotham seems to want to wrap herself around you and squeeze. That’s all you want, after all, a little bit of air. Some breathing room, so you can try and get yourself out of this hell hole. Off of the streets, off of your knees.

The security system is impressive, but you’ve listened to enough goons, and enough stories to figure out how to bypass it. The tires themselves are worth a fortune, but the notoriety of stealing them is worth more. After all, who’s going to buy tires that were on the Batmobile? Probably no one, but everyone will think twice before fucking with the kid who stole them.

You have the fourth tire off when you hear it. The snap of leather cutting through the air, then you see it, the blur of a shadow. A menacing tower standing in front of you, all fire and brimstone, judge and jury, snapping a hold of your red hoodie and dragging you off your feet. You debate swinging the tire iron, but wise words swirl around in your head and make you pause. Don’t give a man your hands to slap you with. So you drop the iron, and stare him down instead. You aren’t afraid of anything, except maybe death, if you’re fight for survival is any indication. Batman doesn’t kill, so really, what’s the worst he could do.

The worst is apparently a warm meal, and an offer you can’t pass up. The chance to get out of the grime of the streets, to be free from a life of poverty and crime; To redirect your path to one of helping others, of saving those who need it. The offer is Robin, and you think you’d be dumb not to take it. A life that allows you to live, to learn, to fly.

It’s the best thing to happen to you, even though you don’t really understand Bruce and the manor, even though it gives you a weird anxiety to ask Alfred to do anything. You’ll learn, it’s said like a promise, and the compromise is that you do your own share of the cooking and cleaning. Pay your way because you know nothing is for free. You and Bruce argue, a constant stream of frustrations from both. You’re violent, you’re brash, you’ve got everything to prove to the world and a chip on your shoulder the size of a crater. You’re not a very good Robin, and the sinking weight of disappointment settles in before it all goes to shit.

Fifteen months. Fifteen agonizing months. That’s what you spend under the floor of Arkham, that’s what you spend in the rotating company of a madman with a cackle that drowns in your ears. Fifteen months where you wait, where you promise yourself he’ll come. Batman doesn’t leave his Robins, his family. Right? It’s a photograph that breaks your resolve, a bright-eyed and smiling boy dashing across rooftops. A golden R on his chest that’s covered in copper and crimson on your own. It’s fifteen months before you break, and the sweet release of death is the gift you get for your trouble.

All that’s left of you for them to find is a costume on the top of Mercy Bridge. A handwritten note, and a videotape.

Who knew that being reborn could be so painful. The burn of a first breath, of wounds knitting together, bullet wounds tightening and flesh made new. The details of the impromptu resurrection are a bit blurry, as is the escape that you endeavored on. Broken psyche too tampered to even begin to consider returning to the Manor. After all, your place was taken, stolen. You had been left. as the powers of the pit slammed through your veins, as your teal eyes saw only red, you left. Stored yourself on a boat headed for Santa Prisca. A new beginning, a new life. But you’d return to Gotham, when the time was right, when you were prepared. You would make Batman pay, you would steal the city that was your home, that had forged you, and you would lay claim to what was rightfully yours.

Rags to riches to rags again. You learn to survive on the humid streets of Santa Prisca, grateful for the humidity, the way it wrapped around you and chased away the chill of the asylum. Thick brush chasing away visions of white tiles and howling laughter. It’s actually surprising how quickly you manage to gain your footing. Your newfound anger is used to your advantage, impressing local drug lords and gaining their trust. After all, you’re fast, you’re smart, you know what they want and you’re willing to help them get it. Little and non-threatening. You take the skills they offer, and think nothing of the bullet you put into their back as you drain their accounts and move on to the next source of knowledge.

A bomb maker in London, an arms dealer in Russia, an all too willing ally in the daughter of the demon’s head, you take from all of them what you can, the knowledge, the power, the finances. You watch, and you wait, and you prepare for your return. The opportunity raises itself unexpectedly, and in a form you weren’t expecting.

Gotham is attacked not once, but twice. Once thanks to the attack of Kryptonians, and the other thanks to Bruce’s own ego. It leaves the underworld in limbo, gang leaders dead, territories altered. While the world is worried about aliens and a global takeover, Gotham’s underworld is rallying against the bat. You seize the day, and make your way back to your old home. In the dead of winter, the Red Hood makes his presence known, a bag full of heads and a damning ultimatum. They will join you, follow your rules, or they will die. The Bat? He’ll get his chance, his moment to revel in the reality of what he has created. But not before you take Gotham from him, not before you seize power in Gotham. Not from the pipedream Bruce always dreamed Gotham would be. But for what she is. A heartless creature, with a cancer that can never be killed, only managed, treated, exterminated when it gets too large, too lethal. Bruce might not be able to see it, but you can, and you intend to keep your city alive as long as you can.

ooc name Fox

age twenty-seven

timezone - 5 gmt

other characters


original earth prime earth


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long claim

<a href="index.php?showtopic=1938" target="_blank" id="neutral">Jason Todd</a> ⇀ redhood | unaffiliated | twenty-two<br>

additional notes

I ran with a bit of a mixed history. The details of Jason’s resurrection in the comics are a bit dicey, and involves a lot more characters (Talia, Ra’s, Superboy Prime). I went with a bit of a merged history of some things from Arkham Knight (the capture of Jason and holding in Arkham for example). Added lazarus pit use as bringing him back from the bullet wound in A.K. Mixed history of Arkham Origins, Under The Red Hood and Lost Days. If you have any questions about ANY of this, let me know!
years old
year old
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played by Kira
— guest
posted on Jan 2 2018, 11:46 AM
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