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synopsis The world is once again in an age of heroes. After the events of New York, the world has been in chaos, with threats to the world's safety coming more often than they ever have. SHIELD could no longer conceal the presence of metahumans, and when they fell, taken down from the inside by Hydra, they left humanity vulnerable to threats it never could have imagined, until the forces of evil managed to rupture the divide between universes. With the fate of the world balancing upon the shoulders of these rising heroes, just where will your place be in this new ideal world?

ideal world is an alternate universe Marvel + DC roleplay hosted on Jcink Premium since December 2016. Set following the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Justice League, and X-Men: Apocalypse, we are based primarily within the cinematic universes but with more than enough flexibility to allow for inspiration to be drawn from other sources, such as comics, video games, television series, animated shows, and more. We pride ourselves on our relaxed environment and easy-going nature to create a safe and welcoming community for all of our members.
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 Glass of Sorrows, jason (quinn)
years old
year old
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played by Kira
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne
— guest
posted on May 1 2018, 06:03 PM
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but as a symbol i can be incorruptible

Gotham had been busy tonight. The gangs had surged up, and while he'd managed as best he could with the hands he had to offer, he'd still been late to return to the Narrows. It was something that had him worried, the reports of a new vigilante making himself known in the most dangerous neighborhood in Gotham. It may have helped him, keeping some of the criminals at bay, but it wasn't something that he could abide by. Not when half of the power of the Bat came from the intimidation that he enacted on the criminals of the city.

He had to get rid of the threat. This... Red Hood. He was a danger. A threat. A little more than a mad dog without a leash, only a step above the men they were both hunting at night. (Bruce didn't want to admit that some nights, he himself was just as low, skimming so dangerously close to the very animals he was so desperate to put down. He couldn't admit that.) He had to make him stop. And that meant hunting him down. But he was smart. Cunning enough, at least, to not roam the streets when Bruce was on patrol.

Bruce landed on a rooftop with a flutter. He'd already sent Tim home for the night - he'd had to, what with the way the boy's wrist had creaked alarmingly earlier in the night, showing signs of a possible sprain - but he had lingered on patrol, taking advantage of the opportunity to stalk more thoroughly than he might have otherwise, with a Robin by his side, with someone else who might get hurt. He scowered from the rooftops, frowning when the world was quiet. To some extent, he expected as much; news of the Bat traveled fast in these parts, and after the chaos of earlier, he would have been surprised if too many of the usual thugs dared to show their faces for long. But at the same time, it felt too quiet. The Hood had been hunting tonight. His eyes narrowed from behind the cowl and he straightened, starting to move.

Perhaps, if he was lucky, he would manage to find something worth hunting tonight too.

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years old
year old
8 🜚 70
played by Quinn
Jason Todd
Jason Todd
— guest
posted on May 16 2018, 10:42 PM
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no grave can

hold my body down

Despite the comfort Raven had given him, Jason hadn’t been able to ignore the siren call of Gotham. He had taken the time to heal himself, arm himself, and even practice his craft a little bit. But it hadn’t been enough. He had not been able to ignore that siren call of Gotham, pulling him, a mermaid luring in him deeper into the ocean.

He had been cleaning house in Gotham, with two Beretta’s holstered to his hips, the red armor and hood shielding him from anyone who might have known him (particularly the Bat) and it had already given him a name for himself in Gotham.


He’d hunted. Cleaned house. Tonight, he had pressed a gun underneath the chin of a dealer and asked if he remembered Catherine Todd. And her son. The dealer had begged, tried to wriggle his way out of Jason’s clutches.

I’m her son, motherfucker.

Jason pulled the trigger.

The site of the blood painting the alley wall had made him happier than a child in a ball pit.

He’d been aware that nothing was going to top that, so he’d gotten a burger and a cigarette, and succumbed to nostalgia. For nostalgia’s sake, he had settled himself down with his favorite gargoyle in Gotham, trading in between rapid bites of the burger and greedy draws of the cigarette.

Jason was wiping his mouth with the back of his hand when the idea struck him. He decided it was time.

He’d been avoiding him for the past few weeks, trying to cement himself into Gotham before he picked that particular fight. He had been curious as to how long it would take Bruce to take notice of his presence in his city, wanted Bruce to pick the fight. Jason wasn’t sure if he could even wait anymore. He was itching to fight him, ripping at the seams with absolute fury. Besides, he couldn’t keep shooting dealer Kingpins anymore. It was getting to be a little boring.

He forced himself to finish the cigarette, and then flicked into a nearby dumpster, watched it tumble off the building and into the green container.

With that, he did his best to remember Bruce’s patrol tendencies, clearing rooftop after rooftop with ease. It didn’t take him long to find him, a familiar shape on another rooftop.

And he didn’t have the Replacement with him. Excellent.

From the safe distance of two rooftops away, (and while he was sure that Batman hadn’t noticed him) Jason thought about ripping out the gun and firing, but something stopped him.

(Was that a little reminder that he loved Bruce? He killed it before it could build.)

Instead, he aims a shuriken right for the cape, hopes to watch it rip through the material.

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