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ideal world
an alternate universe marvel + dc roleplay
The world changed when Superman flew across the sky. And then it changed again when it didn't.

When the world first confronted metahumans, it seemed as though it could only bring out the best of us. The world would be safer with heroes protecting the streets more fiercely than we ever could. In time, however, mankind realized the horrible truth: with great power comes even greater problems. When the damage finally proved too great to ignore, humanity made a stand. No more would heroes remain unaccountable for the harm brought about their actions; no more would villains exist without consequence for their plots. The Superhero Registration Act would put an end to that.

It may be harsh, they might say, but we have no other choice. We can no longer afford to go on pretending that we live in an ideal world.
April 21 Hey guys, it's been a while, I know. We've just not pushed through any big changes in a bit, which is good. Means we haven't broken anything in a while. Our Ultron's Revolution will start officially winding down in the next week, so keep fighting those little robots! The end is in sight! We also have a Staff Search active, so if you're interested in maybe giving us a hand, please drop by and consider applying!
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Ideal World is an original site idea by Kira, adapted from the combined worlds of Marvel and DC in both their cinematic and comic incarnations. All canon characters, thus, belong to their respective creator and writer. The World skin was created by Kuroya of OOC exclusively for Ideal World, please do not rip or steal. Assorted icon macros come courtesy of Font Awesome and the customizable code boxes come thanks to Nicole of Shine.