When the world first confronted metahumans, it seemed as though it could only bring out the best of us. The world would be safer with heroes protecting the streets more fiercely than we ever could. In time, however, mankind realized the horrible truth: with great power comes even greater problems. When the damage finally proved too great to ignore, humanity made a stand. No more would heroes remain unaccountable for the harm brought about their actions; no more would villains exist without consequence for their plots. The Superhero Registration Act would put an end to that.

It may be harsh, they might say, but we have no other choice. We can no longer afford to go on pretending that we live in an ideal world.
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Written Out on Paper
Library of Lore
Recorded by the finest of calligraphers and preserved in the vast volumes painstakingly translated into as many languages as possible, the information found here is considered standard to know. Be sure to read each tome carefully, but don't worry, they'll always be here for reference if you need them.
Index of Addendum
Although some say that the leaflets found here are less important since they were penned quickly by scholars, there's still a wealth of value to be found if you should ever stumble across one. The notes appear and disappear as they please, so be sure to check often to see if there's anything new of note.
Fliers of Flavor
Sometimes when studying, a splash of color will catch the eye for foreign advertisements of alternate material. They're usually left in a pile to keep from collecting dust inside of books, but more than a few fingers rummage through them on the regular. Guest-friendly!
Put It In Practice
Incoming Applications
Although some would like to have you believe that all of the information kept by the Registration Act is already gathered, for the most part, in truth, forms come in all the time to be processed. If you'd like to add to the pile, or work through the stack slowly, we have plenty of room to accommodate.
Personnel Files
Once the forms have all been processed, they're moved into the official databases and stored there for future access. Although sensitive information is supposed to be redacted from public view, some have opted to have all information displayed for general access... or so the press releases claim anyway.
Declassified Information
Outside of the official database, however, lie a series of mission reports, all with sensitive information blocked out by careful hands. The transparency helps with the public concern, however, and no matter the overall misgivings, the information contained within certainly unites people together.
Reaching a Critical Mass
Arkham Breakout Event
Long building, ever since the Registration Act brought things to a head, the doors at Arkham Asylum have finally filled beyond bursting. Sirens wail, booted feet stamp, and chaos reigns upon the island as heroes rush to stop the villains. Only disaster will come if they reach the mainland. Only anger will come if they remain in the cage.
In an Ideal World
New York
Considered the business capital of practically the world, New York is a bustling city of people who always seem to have somewhere else to be and a desire to have been there five minutes ago. Coincidentally, it also happens to be a haven for both heroes and villains alike. Maybe it's something in the water.
Washington DC
As the administrative capital of the United States and the hub for SHIELD with the Triskelion rebuilt from the ashes of the old one, Washington DC is the place where most of the heavy decisions are made. Protests are commonplace on a variety of issues, and it's not uncommon for most heroes to have a residence of some kind nearby just in case.
Located on a beautiful waterfront overlooking a bay, Gotham happens to be a city full of more problems than a math textbook. Between a high crime rate fueled by a thriving criminal underworld and a mess of corruption among every level of power, it's a place that needs more than a little helping hand from some local heroes to give the people hope again.
A beautiful, shining beacon of hope and positivity sitting across the harbor, Metropolis is a wonderful place to live, barring the occasional supervillain assault. Protected by its own small assortment of heroes, the city is nonetheless almost constantly being involved in some kind of reconstruction project or another to improve itself from the previous assaults.
There's a lot more places in the world for heroes - and villains too - to venture to and find troubles for them to solve in one way or another. Life goes on outside the hubs of metahuman activity, after all, and sometimes there's nothing else to do but to venture out to find it. Or y'know, swing by SHIELD or your team headquarters. Whichever works for you.
There's more out there than just our little rock, after all. For example, there's a whole nine realms out there, as well as a variety of other dimensions, along with the endless expanse of space. While travel to each of these places may be a touch more difficult than stepping through a door or climbing into a quinjet, it's still possible, with the right kind of methods.
Not Dealing in Absolutes
Time Warp
Since time is a man-made concept, it seems only fair to be able to glance to different times, whether that be forward into the future or backwards into the past. For events that would fall into these categories, there are these small collections, recordings of things that once were or things that one day will be. The only thing between now and then is a matter of perspective.
Alternate Realities
Every time a choice is made, an alternate universe is created, or so the story goes. Whether you believe in that sort of thing or not, if you manage to turn your eyes just right, sometimes, you might be able to glimpse through reality to see the other world. These stories may not have happened, but in some ways, they are just as important and so just as worthy of sharing.
Mature Content
18+ members only! Sometimes, the passions of the flesh can't be sated in ways as simple as harsh words or fleeting glances. For those occasions, we ask that you kindly move yourselves behind closed doors, simply to avoid traumatizing poor innocent eyes. After all, it's only the polite thing to do.
The Mighty Have Fallen
Member Lounge
Once the day's been saved and the city destroyed, there's nothing like settling yourself on your throne to watch your minions bicker over who gets to be the number one sidekick. Kick back, relax, and have fun while you're in between diabolical plots to take over the world. You've earned it.
Archived Files
Once missions and files become irrelevant, we store them here in our archives. Although the best and brightest are captured on old film reels and remembered within the halls of fame - or infamy, depending on what floats your boat - everyone has some spot here, of one size or another.
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